The Kind of Drinks You Need to Try in Your 20’s

The Kind of Drinks You Need to Try in Your 20’s

Whether you’re in the early or late 20s, you need to admit you’re in the experimenting stage. You hang out with friends, get on a night club in Mercedes, Texas if you’re located just in the country, and see what’s cool. Do you know what is? Trying new drinks your taste buds may have an adventure with. Here’s a list of them:

  • Whiskey sour
    Your basic whiskey sour drink will have lemon juice, bourbon, and sugar in it. What makes it dangerously sour is that the lemon juice can be substituted with sour mix, so if you pucker less with a sour taste, have a smack on this one.
  • Screwdriver
    Orange juice plus vodka – you already had this drink but since you’re a grown-up now, might as well know what it’s really called. At least, you now know how to order it should you come into a sports bar in Texas.
  • Mai tai
    Even if it’s negative degrees outside, you can always pretend to be on the beach with this citrusy drink, except that you’re in a bar listening to some live band.
  • Mind eraser
    Now here’s to a drink that can turn you exploded going home. Well, you’re an adult now so let 1 part vodka + 1 park Kahlúa + 1 part club soda + live music be your shot for a night you’ll never remember.

Try coming to Sammy’s Night Club with your friends or lover even for just a night!

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