Planning A Bar Crawl

Planning A Bar Crawl

As Madonna would say, when the working day is done, girls (or boys) just wanna have fun. And nothing spells fun better than a good old fashioned bar crawl!

First of all, what is a bar crawl? A bar crawl is a popular activity that involves moving through different bars and drinking at all of them. Here’s how to prepare for a long night out of bar hopping and drinking:

Start by narrowing your list to a specific grouping of bars. It’s important to pick places that are close together so you can transition between them easily. Since a bar crawl involves a lot of drinking and moving around, choose only four to six bars.

Once decided on where you want to go, map out your route and determine the best way to go from one bar to another.

Make sure that the bars you will choose can accommodate the number of participants joining your bar crawl.

Lastly, choose your drink. Whether it’s beer, vodka, whiskey, or scotch, choose drinks that your group actually enjoys. You’ll want to leave enough time for everyone to get at least one drink at every stop, but no more than two. Have fun but manage your liquor, folks.

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