Jazzing up your nights.
night club music event party with laser lights background

Welcome to Sammy’s Night Club! We are a night club in Mercedes, Texas that offers customers aged 18 and above with fun and fresh night entertainment. Music, refreshments, and events-we have it all for you. What are you waiting for?


Giving life to the nightlife is what we aim to do at Sammy’s Night Club. And the right way to do it is through none other than presenting stellar bands, artists, and tunes. On top of that, we also offer specialty drinks to make the late hours more vivid and vibrant. Have a blast with us as we spend nights living life to the fullest!

Spend your time with us as we also offer you spectacular events that will give you entertainment like no other. Get to know about our events now!

If you have any questions about us, feel free to leave a message or contact us at 956-294-1240.