Learn Some Bar Lingo

Learn Some Bar Lingo

Ordering drinks in a bar can be so embarrassing especially when the people you’re with know just what they want, and you’re still there figuring out what the bartender is asking about. When you’re in a night club in Mercedes, Texas, remember that you can always ask questions. Forget about sounding dumb as answering questions without fully getting it may only just make you sound dumber.

If you should go to a sports bar in Texas, you can either just ask the bartenders on the spot. They’d even be very willing to show you their expertise on this matter, but it also doesn’t hurt if you learn some basic vocabulary either. Here are some of the most common bartending lingos to learn:

  • On the rocks
    The bartender means if you want your drinks with ice. Without ice, it’s called straight up.
  • Neat
    This means getting your drink served at room temperature without ice. So, basically, it’s a neat drink because it’s without ice.
  • Dirty
    It’s really just olive juice added, so if you order a dirty drink, it simply means just that. The dirtier the drink, the more olive juice is added.
  • Well drink
    Rather than asking a bartender in a sports bar in Mercedes, TX if they have cheap drink options, use this term instead. This means you don’t have alcohol preference, so they’ll just do with giving you the cheapest option.
  • Back
    This refers to a small glass of other drinks such as soft drinks or water to accompany a beverage.

To add, we also have shooter. This refers to an ounce or two shots that can be consumed in one gulp.

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