Deciding on an Outfit for a Night Out (A Woman’s Style Guide)

Deciding on an Outfit for a Night Out (A Woman’s Style Guide)

Going for a night out with friends is the perfect opportunity to dress up and look as chic as a Victoria’s Secret model. Whether you’re aiming for a chill lounge or a night club in Mercedes, Texas, this is the ultimate women’s guide to dressing for a night out that every woman needs to read!

  • The Nightclub Dress Code
    Unsure about what to wear to a nightclub? The secret is to find a balance between chic and comfortable. Avoid wearing chunky sneakers and ill-fitting T-shirts. Your evening wear should be something worth showing off. Try going for bodycon skirts, jeans, and a cute top or a jumpsuit.
  • The Office Chic Look
    A sheer button-up shirt is your best bet if you don’t know where you’re going exactly. Couple that with a bralette underneath and a pair of jeans and you’re good to go!

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